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Giggleberry Mountain

Giggleberry Mountain

A fun and challenging experience for both kids and adults, Giggleberry Mountain is a colorful three-story, six-level obstacle course and maze that delivers hour after hour of family fun. Thousands of foam berries fill the 60 by 30 foot building, with berry blasters and explosions delivering unending entertainment.

Coiling down three stories is a custom-designed, enclosed slide, as well as a side-by-side racing slide. Powerful berry blasters and vacuums create an exciting challenge for maneuvering the berry balls. Fill the berry fountain and see its electrifying explosions of berries float skyward. Watch with amazement as the berries magically ascend to the top of the mountain. Progress quickly through the obstacle course’s colorful obstructions of netting mazes and unusually sized and shaped berries.

Giggleberry Mountain is available for kids ages 12 and under. A paying adult MUST accompany any child under the age of 6.

NOTE: Socks MUST be worn to enter Giggleberry Mountain (mandatory).